Global Inn, Kleiststraße 46, 38440 WolfsburgReservation by phone: +49 (0) 5361 270-575
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    We would like to turn your stay in Wolfsburg into a special experience.

Service for families

Many families visit us to go to the Autostadt or the Phaeno, espacially on the weekend.

Globalino - children's playroom:

The "Globalino" is our cosy children's playroom, where our young visitors can have a good time to their heart's content.

The Globalino is equipped with:

  • ball pools
  • games
  • painting sets
  • wooden railway sets and countless other toys.

Our children's playroom is a place to feel at home - not only for the little ones.

Services in your room

For families we also provide additional services in the room, free of charge, including:

  • cots and children's beds
  • step stools, baby sponges and shampoo for the bathroom
  • bottle warmers
  • high chairs
  • games and painting sets.

Evening meals for families

Our restaurant offers also a children's menu and high chairs.